Pau Sandaran

Pau Sandaran

Pau Sandaran

composer and pianist

Pau Sandaran

Barcelona (1976)

A pianist and composer, he has to his name, works for diverse instrumental settings such as solos, chamber music, big band and orchestra.

His works for big band have been performed at Vienna’s Musikverein, Vienna’s Birdland and Eisenstadt’s Haydn Saal.

Among other premiers, his Choro per a Frida for orchestra was performed by the Murta Ensemble under the musical direction of Xavier Puig in the Auditori de Santa Coloma de Gramenet and at the Teatro Zorrilla in Badalona.

Likewise, the prestigious theatre group Corral de Comedias de Alcalá de Henares premiered his music for the theatre work El cavaller i els músics.

Pau Sandaran holds a Master of Arts in musical composition and a Bachelor of Arts in jazz composition from the Music University in Vienna.

Currently, he is professor of music theory, modern harmony and piano at the Conservatori Municipal de Vilanova i la Geltrú in Catalunya.

The craft of composing

At the beginning of my compositions, there usually stems a spontaneous idea. Once this idea is clear, my work as composer begins with its development establishing itself by playing around with established theme. For me, the core of what a composer does lies in how he deals with thematic material, something which can be acquired through learning. The essence of my creativity evolves out of my imagination. With this said, the evolutuion throughout the creative process of a composition usually results as something strictly intuitive. It is after this somewhat instinctual process that I procede in verifying the structure and form of my work.

My music is descriptive in nature with the intention of representing an image, feelings, or a specific situation, depending on my personal state of being. Music, for me, is a true reflection of the composer’s soul.

«Variation only make sence as a pursuit of resemblance»

(Igor Stravinsky)